The SSA for many years has had a detailed strategic plan. For the Society to benefit it needs to go to the next step and take actions at the tactical level to achieve concrete results. The following are ideas that can be tackled. At this point they are the result of brainstorming and may not be practical. Hopefully, the ideas will spur further work and help foster the sport of soaring. Send your inputs to Jim Payne,

Safety--An interesting big goal is "Zero Fatalities." The way to tackle this is to study the causes of fatalities and promote actions that reduce the probability of future occurrences.

To reduce the chance of the improper rigging of sailplanes:

To increase the knowledge about crashworthiness:

To reduce the chance of a stall/spin mishap:

To reduce chance of tow plane upset:

To reduce chance of collisions:

To reduce the chance of canopy related mishaps:

To reduce mishaps at contests:

In general,

Promotion--Another interesting big goal is "Double size of SSA." Two items can really help the sport grow. One is reduce the cost of tows and sailplane rental. The second is increase the number of sites where pilots can get tows and training.

To reduce the cost:

To increase the number of soaring sites:

Other things that would help:

Advocacy--One of our most important reasons for supporting the SSA is to maintain our right to soar.

To maintain our right to soar will require good relations with the FAA, Congress, and state and local governments.

Admin--To maximized our member's return on investment we need to increase office effectiveness. The member's interface with the SSA is the office in Hobbs. A more efficient and effective the office means lower dues and better service.

To be effective, the office needs to be organized:

To be effective the SSA needs to communicate well:

Other things that should be fixed: