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Updated November 1, 2008.


First, go here first to get the general synopsis and the high temps for the day. Read the forecast discussion and look at the satellite GOES 10 West Coast Water Vapor image and the California Visible image
(Dan Gudgel's Hanford Office runs this outstanding site. Click on the map for the local forecast.)

Then, go here to look at the forecast soundings (west longitudes are negative)
(This is an outstanding java based source of computer generated soundings.)
If you don't have a java browser use

If looking for thermals, check Dr Jack Glendening's thermal soaring forecast.  The service is subscription based.  For information and free information on lift rates go to
For ETA based forecasts which go out up to 2 days, go to
For RUC based forecasts which are only available for today, go to

If near Cal City, Bishop, Avenal, and Tonopah, check here for the forecast
(At about 07:30 AM daily the NWS Office in Hanford is kind enough to provide this soaring forecast.)

If soaring far north, go here to verify your forecast by comparison with the Reno soaring forecast
(At about 07:30 AM daily the NWS Office in Reno is kind enough to provide this Reno area soaring forecast.)

If soaring south of San Bernardino, go here to verify your forecast by comparison with the San Diego soaring forecast

If looking for wave, check Dr Jack Glendening's wave soaring forecast (site is currently not maintained during "off-season.")

What does the Base Weather Shop think? This takes you to the Edwards site. Then select the link to the Weather Shop.
Need lots of data? This Airline Dispatchers Federation page has lots of great links.
What's the Columbia Basin forecast?
Need the Desert Rock or Vandenburg sounding? This University of Wyoming site provides skew-t plots based on the latest radiosonde.
What are the ridge top winds in the Sierra? This fire weather forecast is good for the winds on the ridges and up/down the canyons.

What links does a professional weather man have? This is a long list of weather site links compiled by Walt Rogers.
Need the Uvalde weather synopsis? Try this NOAA site.

Soaring Links by Paul Remde, one of the “good guys” in soaring.
Impressed by Charlie Thaeler's 3-D flight renderings? This is his web site.
Do you need to know the coordinates of a geographical feature? The US Geological Survey has a listing of the lat, long, and elevation of geological features at this site.
Did you land before sunset? Official sunset is available at this site.

Going cross-country in your airplane? Looking for good prices on fuel? This site lists fuel availability and prices.
Need to plan and file an airplane cross-country? The AOPA members only area has a great online flight planning module.
Ever wonder what a bunch of aviation nuts who live, work, and play in the vicinity of Edwards Air Force Base would be up to? This EAA Chapter 1000 web site is one JP's Top 10 aviation sites.
Ever dreamed of living at an airport? Jackie and I are living the dream and love it. This web site has information of interest about Rosamond Skypark.
Do you fly a Cessna? The Cessna Pilots Association can help you fly safer and save money. They have a great Cessna 182 Buyer's Guide.
Want to know who owns N-number such and such? Is there an AD on your glider? Try this aviation data base.
What's going on at Inyokern Airport?

Concerned about the road conditions on the way to the gliderport? This CALTRANS. site lists the current conditions.
Would you like to have an automated home that takes care of itself while you are out soaring? I have discovered home automation and have included StarGate controlled X-10 automation into our new home. This site and its links have information that will get you started (or help you easily retrofit an existing home). Worthington Distribution gives good discounts on equipment. Count me as an automation advocate. Call if you have questions.
Want to know what the retrieve car is worth? Try this Kelly Blue Book site. Sorry, it doesn't have glider prices.
May all your investments soar … so you can buy that new sailplane. The Motley Fool is one of the best investment sites around.

Unfortunately links sometimes change. If you have trouble with any link or have another one to suggest,
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